The Duke …of KTM

I don’t ride bikes, I wish I could but I prefer not to. “Why do we fall Bruce, because we can learn to pick ourselves up”, worked only for the first couple of falls. Black oozing scars on my knee repulsed me not exactly in commensuration with my awe for Christian Bale’s good looks(My favourite Batman).

But I am a very excited pillion rider and I can make the rides quite happening too.
I am famous in my gang for my navigation skills. I can make google maps gawk, I can turn a destination ETA of 6 mins to 23 mins in a jiffy. I am erudite enough to teach anybody the cost of one wrong turn in life. Believe Me!

Also I don’t sit still, I am an excellent backseat rider. My guy has got me a helmet that is not easy to open. So I squeeze his shoulders or at times throat, to signal that fate can be lurking in a corner. I dont acknowledge rear view mirrors, you see, I am closer to the objects, omnipresently.

Empathy has always been my winning point.I can’t see the indicator hence I believe others might also not see it. So I flutter my hand as a signal. When I feel Duke’s inclination to left or right I put up my respective hand. I have ended up giving high fives to other noble drivers who do the same. My intention is not always noble, I sometimes intend to block the other biker behind me. “You shall not pass”, says Gandalf the me.

Well ..but all I can say I that I love riding. I love to see rides of life, through lanes, open doors, glass panes of shops, amidst trees and crowds. I have seen people offering food to stray dogs, boy holding hand of a girl while smiling, coffee stalls pouring hot coffee to tired people, old couple holding hands while crossing roads. I love to be a pillion rider and I enjoy small things of a fast life..

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