Temptingly Theobroma

Theobroma was our weekend destination for amazing brownies, cup cakes, pastries and savouries.

I still remember the very first time we visited this cute place in Hiranandani, Powai. Adorned with pastel shades and a view of the lively lanes, this place soon became our favourite weekend indulgence!

What I loved the most is the wift of the tempting aroma, one that exclusively comes from freshly baked delights!

We bought red velvet cup cakes and cookie brownies… and from every next time cookie brownie was a mandatory choice! The cookie brownie journeys from a mildly sweet crunchy crust, dotted with chocolate drops to a moist chocolate brownie that melts in your mouth. The 2 layers strictly stay away from each other but complement one another so well!

After I moved out, this is the first time I am experiencing Theobroma. A succulent familiarity that was much missed! This boxes was indeed a sweet surprise!

The food of the gods still tantalise my taste buds temptingly.

Temptingly Theobroma…

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