At Blue Tokai

This Sunday’s food exploration began at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Koramangala.

Chocolates with a twist..

The best part of its ambience was that it was complemented by natural sunlight. The settings were also cool with ample space between tables. Soon we found ourselves cosily tucked in a corner ready to order!

We placed the following orders and happily, each one was a surprise!

  1. Mediterranean Flatbread : The sourdough flatbread was clearly the highlight here. The elements to look out would be feta cheese dollops and pomegranates. The dish was a burst of flavours and it was quite a fill!
  2. French Toast : This is a really fluffy but not too sweet french toast. Watch out for the heavenly vanilla custard! The bit of wonder that struck me was how the custard was pairing well with the french toast without taking the sweetness any level up.
  3. Carrot Cake with cheese frosting : You can literally savour the bits of carrot in the supreme moistness of the cake.
On the table : Mediterranean along with french..

We couldn’t try the tasting menu for beverages, if you are excited about the coffee or tea flavours, do try it.

The ones we tried were quite refreshing:

  1. Chilli Cinnamon Mocha
  2. Peppermint Mocha
  3. Cold brew coffee : Bold
Good vibes..

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