Kappa Chakka Kandhari and Nostalgia on a plate

The best way to describe this place is that the wait of around 2 hours was totally worth it!

Kappa Chakka Kandhari is definitely nostalgia on a plate…and a very delectable one too!

The dishes remind you of Kerala and its flavours..

  1. Mani Puttu reminded me of home and the importance of fresh coconut..
  2. Karimeen Pollichathu reminded me of the fresh catch from sea…oh, so taken for granted it was back then!
  3. Vattayappam reminded me of christmas time when my aunt used to prepare and send it home for me!
  4. Tharavu mappas was a first time try for me and the taste still lingers!
  5. Goli soda, Absolute Kandhari and Guava temptation reminded me of summer sarbaths..
  6. Cloud pudding reminded me of my first attempt at the dessert and how I finished the milky tender coconut before the dish was done.
Naadan vibhavangal..

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