Egg Explosion

Explosively captioned, this dish is indeed an explosion of flavours and a must try!

Mutta Pottitherichathu, literally translated as “Egg that exploded”, is a rare delicacy in Thiruvanathupuram, Kerala. The mystifying nature of the dish can not only be attributed to the curious name but also to the tedious hunt for actually trying it out. It is not easily available in many restaurants, not the popular ones even. But as they say, seek and you shall find!

And so did we! We did find a roadside eatery named “Aliyans Thattukada” famed for this delicacy. Situated in Kesavadasapuram, Thiruvananthupram, within walking distance from the famous restaurant Paragon, this place cannot be easily missed majorly because of the crowd that encapsulates this place from all sides. You can see the vehicles parked and people waiting in long queues to get their orders. Some try to halt in their two-wheelers and get their orders as takeaways as quickly as possible. It is definitely a busy place!

We reached the eatery at around 8.30 pm in the night, undisputedly a peak hour! We had to wait around 20 to 30 minutes for getting our food. But it was during that time we realized how friendly the people are who runs it. All it takes is a question and our host is ready to enter into an animated conversation.

An educated man who for the sheer joy of cooking and meeting people has started this eatery. He is a good conversationalist who shared interesting anecdotes of customer experiences, food experiments and online reviews that he receives.

Mutta Pottitherichath

As seen, the dish is an appetising combination of masala omelette, Kerala parotta and meat. The most in demand dish is very delicious and filling. The eatery also boasts of other popular combos such as Tapioca and Fish curry, Dosa and Chicken, Parotta and chicken, tea options (a native is unforgiving if a roadside eatery does not provide tea options).

On my next visit, I am definitely trying Mutta Njevidiyathu – another fame of the place!

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