The Tea Room

Food photography – Shot on Sony A6300

One needs to try, just try, but has to try and try, to find what is out there!

We are tea addicts! But like any addict, we were unaware of the possible variations in which a magical potion can be concocted. For us, our magical potion, that is Tea, often meant copious amount of milk, sugar and tea leaves. Yes, technically we were chai enthusiasts! You can’t blame us! Every corner, that we turn around in our hometown Thiruvananthapuram, has a chai stall. They are called Thattukada! These ubiquitous stalls dish out some of the strongest tea ever and is often accompanied by snacks which will complement and only be complemented with tea.

But once, it was during a trip to Japan, we ended up having a headache because of the uncommon occurence of having no tea around us. Though tea is very common in Japan, it was available in one of variations to which we were oblivious. What was easily available but considered quite precious was the famed Matcha Tea. And the otherwise available tea were black tea or white tea in mulitudes.

If one had to have milk in tea, then you have to order a “Royal Milk Tea” from a menu in a proper restaurant and the attendants in that restaurant couldn’t help gauging if we were royal enough. To escape further scrutiny and the dismay it caused them, we started ordering other varieties of tea.

As they say, love always finds a way and we fell in love with black tea, white tea and matcha tea.

We returned as evolved tea addicts! And then the challenge before us was to sustain and grow!

We were constantly in exploration of newer fragrances and flavors of tea. It was during one such exploration that we stumbled upon the tea collection in the restaurant Burma Burma.

Burma Burma has a counter very akin to a bar counter but this one is exclusively for tea. Tucked in the shelves are alluring tea pots that brew varieties of tea.

Burma Burma at Indiranagar, Bangalore

On another pursuit we ran into a cosy shop amidst the bustle of Lavelle Road in Bangalore. Named SAN-CHA Tea Boutique,the shop was a gateway into a world of tea.

Gradually SAN-CHA Tea Boutique became our frequent pit stop for a breath of calming fragrance and a taste of invigorating flavor. The best thing about this place is that one can sample the tea before purchase.

The boutique effuses tranquility which pairs so well with the tea bags. And a corner is reserved for all the tea lovers to sample and appreciate tea.

SAN-CHA Tea Boutique, Lavelle Road, Bangalore –

It was from this small boutique that we experienced the world at large through the medium of tea. Mint Oolong, Hibiscus, Single Malt Assam are just a few of the tea that we happily carried home. We also carried home a beautiful tea set.

Single Malt Assam Tea

One needs to try, just try, but has to try and try, to find what is out there! In that journey, you might find exciting things to sample and share!

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