Temptingly Theobroma

Theobroma was our weekend destination for amazing brownies, cup cakes, pastries and savouries. I still remember the very first time we visited this cute place in Hiranandani, Powai. Adorned with pastel shades and a view of the lively lanes, this place soon became our favourite weekend indulgence! What I loved the most is the wift... Continue Reading →

Remembering Mumbai Local #1

M-Indicator App, Just keep it open and be ready! You‘ll be able to find the train and the platform and the time of arrival easily. Everyone told me so. But what they didn’t tell me was to make sure that I put my mobile in the bag and hold my bag tight. Once I found... Continue Reading →

The Duke …of KTM

I don't ride bikes, I wish I could but I prefer not to. "Why do we fall Bruce, because we can learn to pick ourselves up", worked only for the first couple of falls. Black oozing scars on my knee repulsed me not exactly in commensuration with my awe for Christian Bale's good looks(My favourite... Continue Reading →

Walking on the edge

  Though I attempted for a better caption, something that would be more catchy, I think "Walking on the edge" would suit aptly. It is literally what this blog post is all about. Living a sedentary life, sitting in an "ergonomically" designed chair in a lofty building, like any other IT professional I too decided... Continue Reading →

Chai Predicament

I am a coffee person. A bad day, a bad experience, a bad headache and a nasty heartache, my coffee makes them all disappear. I live in Bangalore. The chilly mornings are a perfect backdrop for a hot beverage. The urge to sleep more is always beaten hands down by my urge to drink a... Continue Reading →

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