A Hot Cup of Hoshino Coffee

Decembers are cold in Japan. We were fully clad in 3 layers, to begin exploring Tokyo, at morning 10. 00 am. We started from our hotel, Mitsui Garden, Gotanda, to begin our tour of the city.

But the winter morning decided to surprise us with a drizzle of rain which pushed our plans and put us in a different mood, a one that craves for a nice hot cup of coffee!

As we stepped on to the main road that leads towards the Gotanda Metro Station , we found a cafe nestled in a line of buildings. Named as Hoshino Coffee, the facade of the cafe adorned a pastel palette and it made for a picturesque background for the morning rain. (I regret not clicking a picture!)

We crossed the road and made our way to the door of the building. We opened it and found ourselves welcomed by a beautiful stairway and on top of it hung a massive chandelier.

Hoshino Coffee Entrance

The cafe reminded me of a Victorian era club that I picturize while reading Somerset Maugham. The seating area was charming and redolent with the aroma of roasted coffee beans. Comfortable leather couches, mini chandeliers, beautiful lamps and a choice of many books made it more than perfect.

Hoshino Coffee – Seating Area
Hoshino Coffee – Seating Area

Cafes are synonymous to bustle, especially during the mornings. But as opposed to that dictum this cafe was very quiet though it had quite a few customers already in.

We sat down decidedly to spend some time and perused the menu. The menu had few but promising options. We settled for a classic Hoshino coffee and soufflé pancake.

While waiting for my order, I looked up in Google to know more about this place and the coffee they serve. We soon learned that Hoshino coffee is famous for being a specialty coffee.

It is a Hand-dripped coffee made from Arabica roasted coffee beans which are selected by coffee blend specialist, Master Kanno. It is a Japanese Milk coffee and has a strong coffee flavour to it which makes you fall in love with it!

But what ought to be outrageously famous as well are the soufflé pancakes that are soft, fluffy and heavenly. In fact, classic Hoshino Coffee and soufflé pancake would classify as that typical satiating breakfast on a holiday! The ambience of the cafe would elevate it to a must have breakfast experience when you are in Tokyo!

The next day was equally cold but rains did not grace us like the previous day. Nevertheless, we started our morning with a nice hot cup of Hoshino coffee and it reminded us of a beautiful rainy morning.

And today, a rainy morning reminds us of the beautiful Hoshino Coffee!

A cup of happiness

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