Stories from the banks of Lake Pichola

On the banks of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Rajasthan, one can find in abundance the serenity and majesty of a bygone era. The stories from the Land of the Mewars are replete with strength, beauty, revelry and an admiration for art.

One such story is the lake itself which was artificially created in 1362.

Lake Pichola. Shot from the Reception of Taj Lake Palace.

The lake in concomitance with the Palaces built by the Mewar rulers provide breathtaking views of one another.

City Palace which was built over hundreds of years by several rulers of the Mewar Kingdom is a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture and stands mighty in its bold flamboyance. Flanked by Lake Pichola and Aravalli Mountains, the City Palace ensconced itself as the fulcrum of the ruling dynasty. With narrow passageways and short doorways, the palace is a fort in itself.

City Palace, Udaipur. Shot from Lake Pichola.

City Palace, Udaipur. Entrance to the musuem.

City Palace, Udaipur. Inner Courtyard for leisure.

City Palace, Udaipur. Artwork by pieces of glass.

Lake Palace, a beauty seemingly etched in marble, sits in the middle of the lake in striking splendor and is an epitome of royalty. Built as a summer palace, there are inner courtyards that are constructed keeping leisure in mind. Lake Palace shot to international fame through the James Bond movie Octupussy (1985). Currently a Taj Property, the palace is impeccably maintained in its resplendent glory.

Taj Lake Palace. Shot from Lake Pichola.
Taj Lake Palace. Inner Courtyard for evening performance.
Taj Lake Palace. Tekari painting.
Taj Lake Palace. Mewar’s Terrace.

A huge proclivity to revelry can be inferred from certain exhibits in the City Palace’s crystal gallery. Also, symbolic to the same is the Jagmandir palace situated in the Lake Pichola. A palace built for social events, it is fondly called as the “Moonlight Party Palace” by the natives today.

Jagmandir Palace. Shot from Lake Pichola.
Jagmandir Palace. A Jharokha bathed in sunset.

At Taj Lake Palace, one can taste some of the palace infusions where concoctions from ginger and coffee meets Gin and Whiskey. Mewari cuisine heavily depends on spices but the color deceits the taste buds and is often milder than it looks. The influence of nearby regions are also evident in dishes such as Rasmalai and Kesar Lassi.

Kesar Lassi

As they say in Udaipur, you shop here for marble! Artwork in marble is one of the best buys that is signature to Udaipur. One can find the trio of Ghoda, Hathi, Palki (Horse, Elephant and Camel) painted in marble, canvass and silk. They say you are bringing in festival home along with this artwork!

Miniature Painting by Sachin Kothari.

Udaipur is a dream to escape to! A must visit destination to enjoy stories, flavors and art!

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