Sweet tooth of a Maharaja!

Legend, and folks in Mysore, say that the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore had once asked the Royal Cook to create a sweet that would be befitting to become a titular delicacy. Mysore Pak, the famed sweet across the country today, was pioneered thus!

So it was enthralling to know that the descendants of this Royal Cook are now owners of a sweet shop, in Mysore, that sells this particular delicacy that tantalized the sweet tooth of the Maharajas!

It became on of my top places to visit during my trip to Mysore. I imagined it would not be so difficult to locate this shop, given its popular lineage, but I never thought it would be so easy! Every auto rickshaw driver has this shop in their recommended places to visit and they ensure that tourists can tick this off their list!

This may explain the really long queue that you can find in front of this tiny shop in the Mysore Market.

Located in a corner of the market, Guru Sweet Mart is easy to miss, unless you walk past it. The aroma of the generous amount of ghee in the sweets shall definitely arrest your steps.

Guru Sweet Mart

I took an auto rickshaw and the driver parked the vehicle a mere few steps away and was sweet enough to wait, as long as it takes!

Guru Sweet Mart is nothing like I have ever seen. It is a tiny shop that fashions only windows. Through the window, you can marvel at the treasury of sweets that they make – Myriad Mysore Paks, Jalebis, Savouries and what not!

Myriad Mysore Paks

I did not see a queue in front of the shop and just when I thought I got lucky , I noticed a disciplined line of people, orderly standing in the pavement adjacent to the shop. It was amply clear that everyone knows the rules! Stand in the queue so you can buy what you want and you don’t obstruct people or animals bustling through the market.

As you progress in the line, your appetite grows in linear proportion. If you came for Mysore Pak you are not leaving with only Mysore Pak!

Choices at Guru Sweet Mart

There is no menu, there is absolutely no need! You have ample time in the queue to decide from the display at the shop and from discussions of people in the queue whose list grows longer! You can buy as much as you can carry and if you have friends along, they can carry more for you (Bring more people).

At the counter are two men, one of them will meticulously take your order and the other packs it with alacrity. As soon as I placed my order I had to compete with the other man who was packing my order to finish my payment. He easily won and packed my order before I could gather the cash. And they accept ONLY CASH – traditional sweets, traditional payment!

Once I had my hands on “The Mysore Pak” I couldn’t wait any longer!

The sweet was coated in ghee and it melted in my mouth. This one was less sweet than any Mysore Pak I have ever tasted but it had elements in play that I could never fathom. The sweet surprises you in terms of texture and consistency.

So, here I was, standing in one of the markets in Mysore, accomplishing my feat of satiating my sweet tooth’s desire.

If you have a sweet tooth of a Maharaja, this sweet shall be to your liking!

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